2021 iRacing Season 4 Ferrari GT3 Challenge – Week 1 at Summit Point Track Guide | Dave Cam

New season, new car! Dave Cam track guides are back on the Traxion.GG menu, and this time, he’s driving a Ferrari. The new-to-iRacing Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO has its own fixed setup series in iRacing 2021 Season 4. Dave already took this car for a spin around the also new-to-iRacing Hungaroring and now we’ve got 12 weeks of track guides with the car to look forward to.

The track for the first week of racing is Summit Point. While we do have a Dave Cam Summit Point track guide in existence already, this is a new car, so there are some small differences. The West Virginian circuit has multiple layouts. iRacing offers five of those configurations, but this series will use the “main” Summit Point Raceway layout. This one in particular is 2 miles or 3.22-kilometers long and has been around since 1970, repaved last in 2007.

If this is your first Dave Cam track guide, just know that this is NOT a place for hot laps, but a more slow and methodical approach to learning the ins and outs of each course. Dave is pretty good at this, and while you won’t learn the fastest laps here, these guides will help you learn the first steps to getting there. If you like what you see, give this video a like and slam that subscribe button harder than you’ll need to slam the brakes to make Turn 5 this week.

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