Your favorite challenges return with Wreckfest’s new Solo Tournament

Your favorite challenges return with Wreckfest's new Solo Tournament

The latest tournament is live for Wreckfest as of Wednesday (7th September 2022). The Solo Tournament is here and there’s more chances to win fame and get the gold starting with these returning challenges from past tournaments.

Wreckfest is officially moving on from leaderboard-based challenges, where you’d have to place within a certain percentile to earn tiers of fame over an extended period of time. To celebrate, some of the more popular challenges are coming back, but to be bested in a solo setting as opposed to a global leaderboard one.

That means the goalposts are stagnant and unchanging going forward. Getting to a point where you barely make the cut for the gold, silver or bronze only to be knocked down a tier moments later could get frustrating at times, so now everyone goes by what BugBear Entertainment sets for each challenge.

At launch, you’ll be able to get in the standard daily, weekly and even seasonal challenges. The season’s challenge, however, will only last a couple of weeks, and a new solo challenge will take its place right after. Right now, the season challenge is “Road Rage” while the weekly is “Demolition Race”.

All in all, this means more chances for getting more fame, and more fame leads to more chances to unlock items from the Tournament Store.

The HOTBOMB, which launched nearly a year ago, is still the latest addition, vehicle-wise, to the Tournament Store. The new Solo Tournament method should give more players the opportunity at saving up to buy it at 500,000 fame. Good luck!

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