You Suck at Parking, but not partying in latest update

You Suck at Parking Friends Party update now live!

Happy Volcano’s hit arcade-style game You Suck at Parking releases new Friends Party update. Prepare for even more parking chaos!

Alright, just admit it. Sometimes, you may not be the best at parking. And that’s okay. Especially since the name of the game is basically accepting the notion that you do, in fact, suck at parking. At least in the virtual version.

But guess what? You still are the life of the party.

Invite up to three friends when you host a Friends Party in You Suck at Parking
Invite up to three friends when you host a Friends Party

Thanks to You Suck at Parking’s latest update, you and your friends can all suck at parking together. How cute. After much anticipation, the popular frustrating game now allows for a foursome Friends Party. Host a carpark jamboree and invite up to three of your closest mates (via Steam) to join the party. And you’ll never have to wait in line either.

Even though your specific party only has room for four friends, you can play with up to eight Parksters—who are solo drivers or part of their own bash—total.

Currently, the Friends Party is public. So, hosting a private lobby or play session with a predetermined guest list isn’t an option…yet. Game developers Happy Volcano plan to make this feature available in the future, however.

Though YSAP Friends Party update does not permit cross-platform party creation, you can at least host a party with friends who all use the same platform, be it Steam, Xbox or Game Pass.

Unlock some fresh cosmetics when you complete parking missions

Another perk: thanks to your feedback (via Discord, if you wish to leave your own suggestions), You Suck at Parking will be gifting you with cosmetic rewards for your pristine parking skills whenever you complete an island, biome and campaign of courses.

Check it out today, Parksters!

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