Wreckfest’s new Autumn update brings on the carnage

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Wreckfest Autumn Carnage update

Time flies, and it only seems a moment ago Wreckfest added the Folk Frenzy and Carmageddon updates, but here we are again with Autumn Carnage.

This Tournament update is free to all users on all platforms, and it sees you driving the Doomrig into oncoming traffic. The aim is to destroy as many cars as possible. There’s also a new Hotbomb vehicle to unlock, which is a massive 500,000 fame. The events will be live in-game in around three hours from the time this article was published.

Should you succeed in setting a competitive Tournament score, there are new reward liveries for both the Doomrig and Schoolbus.

Wreckfest Hotbomb vehicle

Unlike recent Tournament updates, there aren’t any new tracks or locations – but that’s okay, as the new challenges, liveries and vehicle are still plentiful for a free update.

Outside of the Tournament, in all game scenarios and provided you have an appropriate monitor or TV, the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S native versions now support High Dynamic Range (HDR) rendering for luscious colour representation. The exposure adaptation for those systems has also been revised to lighten up the image.

The full changelog is below courtesy of the Bugbear Entertainment forums and we’ll have more Wreckfest news and opinions for you very soon, including, we hope, further details about the upcoming Nintendo Switch version.

Autumn Carnage Tournament Update changelog


  • (PS5/XSX/XSS) High dynamic range rendering (HDR) is now used whenever HDR is enabled in the system menu and a HDR10 compliant display device is detected.
  • (PS5/XSX/XSS) Exposure adaptation now works correctly so the image no longer appears too dark.


  • New tournament season: Autumn Carnage
  • New tournament reward car: Hotbomb
  • New tournament reward paintjobs for Doomrig and Schoolbus


  • On Little Thrasher, the stock pipes are now correctly removed when installing upright pipes.
  • Hunter Panther rear axle and brake disc no longer clip.


  • (PC) A correct number of clients can now join the lobby (i.e. 24 on a 24 player lobby).
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