World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing dealing with issues on PS5 launch

World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing dealing with issues on PlayStation 5 launch

iRacing’s first foray into the console gaming sphere looks to have hit a snag on launch day for the World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing title, specifically with PlayStation 5 users. While the game is fully playable, there are a couple of issues related specifically to the PlayStation 5 version of the title.

Developed by iRacing‘s recent acquisition in Monster Games, the previous developers and publishers of titles such as SRX: The Game and Tony Stewart’s All-American Racing, World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing is still iRacing’s first official dip into the console world with this, their first published title outside of their own PC simulation, iRacing.

Right now, the biggest issues surround the with the physical PlayStation 4 disk copy of the game, but those downloading digitally also have a bit of an issue to contend with as well.


iRacing Support put out a tweet around the 3:00 pm ET time explaining that the PlayStation 5 version of World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing is not currently downloading for those who purchased the physical copy of the game.

The physical copy of the game only comes in PlayStation 4 for PlayStation players, but due to this, the disk is also supposed to contain a download for the PlayStation 5 version of the game for those sticking the disk into a PlayStation 5. Sadly, this is not working at the time of this posting.

If you needed your fix of it now, PS5 players could always just install the PS4 version for now, but these are two different editions of the game.

Those who can’t wait might be in for a sour surprise when they are finally able to get the PS5 one downloaded. Save data does not transfer between the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game. That essentially means that if you start your career now on the PS4 version, you’ll need to restart it when you finally get on the PS5 version.

This isn’t a launch issue, but rather something that was predetermined before release. Now, it’s feeding into an issue that did arise for the populous of gamers who wanted a physical disk for their PlayStation 5.


Now, if you do have the digital PlayStation 5 version of the game, whether it’s the Standard or the Gold Edition, you might be wondering why Limaland, the first piece of DLC that released simultaneously with the title, isn’t able to be downloaded. I sure was, and attempted to download it a couple of times.

iRacing Support knows about this as well. For both issues, the fix may take a little longer than everyone would hope. Tickets have been submitted by iRacing to Sony, but iRacing states that this may not be corrected for about a week.

World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing is officially out today (27th September 2022) in Standard Edition ($49.99) or Gold Edition ($69.99) for the PlayStation 5 (digitally), PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S (Digitally) or Xbox One systems.

UPDATE: 12:00 AM ET, 28th September

iRacing Executive Vice President Steve Myers tweeted out a late update to the ongoing issues. Limaland should be downloadable now, a patch will be available shortly that should hopefully fix the rest of the issues above, and a further patch has been spoken of in the tweets down below.

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