What is the Collection Import system on The Crew Motorfest?

Justin Melillo
Players can import vehicles and vanities from The Crew 2 to The Crew Motorfest between save files, but here’s all you should know about the Collection Import before jumping in.

On the 14th of September, The Crew Motorfest is set to launch with a whole new adventure on the island of O‘ahu, a part of the Hawaiian archipelago. New cars, content and ways to play are in store, but don’t fret, The Crew 2 players, all your hard work over the last five years may not all be for naught.

Announced during the Summer Showcase stream on 29th June, Ubisoft has a contingency plan to allow players to move over selected content from the older title to the new one, and it’s called the Collection Import.

Basically, if a vehicle or a vanity exists in both titles, players that have added it to their The Crew 2 libraries can add it to their Motorfest festivities if they so choose. This is not a mandatory perk, mind you, it’s completely optional. So for those who want to start fresh, this Collection Import system is not for you.

Anything eligible that was available on The Crew 2 before the 5th of July, before Season 9 begins, will be able to be moved over to The Crew Motorfest on the 12th of September, per the release. This is likely due to early access as the game is set to launch officially on the 14th.

As for the rest of the content from Season 9 onward, starting the 5th of July? That will still be able to come over, but that won’t be until the 13th of December. Once again, it’s only things that are in both titles. It’s also not backwards compatible, you can’t send cars from Motorfest to The Crew 2.

What can transfer, you might ask? Vehicles and Vanities are the two components, but Performance Parts are not included in the swap. Once a transfer has been completed, it can’t be reversed. It is all tied to your Ubisoft account as well, so do be advised that you’ll need to have matching accounts on both titles.

There are more questions that are answered over on the official Q&A page for the program. It’s a free service, mind you, and can be done at any time as you desire.

SOURCE: Ubisoft

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