What happens when you fail in F1 Manager 2022

F1 Manager 2022 is all about overseeing your team to Formula 1 success, but what happens if you don’t perform? We asked the development team to find out.
What happens when you fail in F1 Manager 2022

You’re fired.

That’s a sentence most of us pray we’ll never hear in our lives. But, if you mess up enough times in F1 Manager 2022, there’s a chance you’ll be relieved of your duties.

No joke.

Let me paint a livery for you: imagine being Guenther Steiner circa last season. Every single constructor above you somehow finishes the year with at least 13 points on the board. Yet, despite push, push, pushing… it was a total goose egg for Haas.

A ‘rebuilding’ year. With two new drivers and I’m sure plenty of staff turnover, it’s almost a welcomed struggle that hopefully would set up the team for a brighter future.

Fast forward to now, and Haas is looking much better. Steiner can exhale a nice, long sigh of relief. The team has 15 more points than their previous season, and thankfully, they aren’t (currently) holding down last place either.

Let’s not jinx it, though.

It’s only natural that in the wide world of sports, team principals and managers can and will be let go if the season turns out to be a complete failure. I’m a San Francisco 49ers fan, and I’ve seen my fair share of coaches wave goodbye to the franchise after a painful season of terrible team management. And rightfully so.

F1 Manager 2022 keeps it real, too. The game itself allows you to assume the role of Guenther Steiner, Christian Horner or any other team principal on the grid. And if you somehow overspend or hire the wrong driver, you may find yourself uploading your resume to LinkedIn.

“Ultimately… you’re trying to succeed on the track. But you need to, from a business perspective, keep your board happy,” said Game Directory Andy Fletcher to Traxion.GG.

Throughout the game, the board will give you seasonal and long-term objectives to complete while also ensuring financial security and overall team performance goals.

“If you disappoint [the board] in terms of your race performance, if you’re spending money inefficiently, and you’re still not getting the performance on track, then each year, you’ll receive a couple of board review moments.

“That’s where they’ll assess your suitability for the job.”

Ah, yes. The dreaded performance review. I picture that scene from The Office where Jan tells Michael that the board has decided on closing the Scranton branch. He’s completely dumbfounded.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you when it comes to F1 Manager 2022.

“If their confidence isn’t high enough in you, then yeah, they can get rid of you. They can fire you.”

F1 Manager 2022 success

Challenge accepted.

“I’m sure there’ll be many principals out there who will be absolutely fine. That will succeed all the way through,” explained Executive Producer, Adam Woods.

“There’s a great narrative to it [too],” continued Andy

“It’s not just ‘you’re fired’, amount that they will give you in terms of budget scales as well. So there’s a big scale between the minimum that they will give you in terms of bonuses and the maximum.

“If you over perform, you’ll get the fruits of your labour, you will be rewarded with a bigger budget too.”

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Formula 1 principal? F1 Manager 2022 hits the shelves on 30th August and you do not want to miss our chat with Executive Producer Adam Woods and Game Director Andy Fletcher as they discuss all the full details ahead of its release.

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