WATCH: Why did EA Kill Project CARS?

The racing simulation and driving game series Project CARS is dead. A new game was in the works, but owner Electronic Arts has cancelled development. Watch the video above to see why it didn’t fit within EA’s current portfolio.

The Project CARS series, which delivered two simulation titles and one arcade racer, first released an entry in 2015 after a period of crowdfunding. Project CARS 3 was a bit of a damp squib in comparison, some five years later, but this title alone isn’t what killed off the series and forced the Slightly Mad Studios team to either find new roles within EA or look elsewhere.

Project CARS 4 was set to be a return to the sim racing fold, but it will never see the light of day.

Here we run through a brief history of the series and why we think it met an untimely demise.

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