WATCH: Traxion goes for sim racing glory!

Team Traxion headed to Simply Race in Milton Keynes for a sim racing competition, with everyone battling for the VBOX Racelogic Sim Pack first prize. Can John Munro hold off the competition? Watch and find out!
WATCH: Traxion goes for sim racing glory, VBOX, Simply Race, Milton Keynes

Team Traxion headed over to sim racing venue Simply Race in Milton Keynes this week, primed and ready to race for an amazing prize – a VBOX Racelogic Sim Pack worth £1,000. 

To decide who’d be representing us, John and Piers fought out a spectacular, three-round sim racing battle, using Racelogic’s VBOX and Circuit Tools to analyse their performances in forensic detail

With John declared the winner – by a paltry tenth of a second – he was sent to MK, donning a Traxion t-shirt as he battled against top sim racing talent in an event to help promote VBOX’s range of real-world and virtual racing analysis tools. 

With three races using rFactor 2 – taking in front-wheel-drive touring cars, rear-wheel-drive GTs and high-performance single-seaters – John has to display adaptability, race craft and raw speed to hold off the competition. The question is, can he finish on top of the rostrum? 

Check out our video and let us know in the comments below if you’d like to see more of the Traxion team talking through how to get quicker in sim racing. Remember to also check out part one of Piers’ excellent telemetry guide

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