WATCH: Three Wise Men, part 1

Ross McGregor

Watch Traxion’s very own Three Wise Men – Big Oas, Big John and errr… Big Richard – take to the roads of Europe in another epic Euro Truck Simulator 2 race. After saving us all from the fuel crisis in October, this time round the trucking trio are set to save Christmas for the wonderful city of Glasgow, by making a dash to Scandinavia to collect presents for all those expectant Glaswegian weans.

Speed is of the essence, and fortunately for our group the UK is seen as a virtual lawless state, (virtual?) so traffic laws, speed limits and general crashiness is tolerated. When they hit the continent however, they need to obey the EU rules. Thank goodness for Brexit, eh? Hello?

Watch our Traxion truckers race to Dover in the first part of our three-part series, as they ignore the Highway Code, fellow road users and the several warning lights on their dashboards. Subscribe to see the next part of our Christmas mercy mission and lots of other great racing game related content!

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