WATCH: The voice of World RX: Andrew Coley Interview!

How does a former graphic designer get to travel the world and talk about motorsport for a living?

Well, to answer that question we sat down for a chat with the only ex-designer-come-commentator that was free the other week – Andrew Coley.

The only person to commentate on every World Rallycross event held to date and part of the Extreme E team for the inaugural season, he oozes motorsport. His ‘mega’ style of describing what is happening for viewers is completely unique – you’re on the edge of your seat even if there’s not much happening in the race.

We sat down with the enigmatic rallycross nutter to discuss his career, the current state of WorldRX, the future of rallying and how it all fits into the virtual world and esports. What camera angles does he use and how is life adapting from controller to a steering wheel? Watch to find out.


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