WATCH the Traxion.GG Stream Team anniversary extravaganza

WATCH the Traxion.GG Stream Team anniversary extravaganza

The special Twitch stream will be on Friday 6th May and celebrates one year of live sim racing content

Today, 6th May 2022, marks exactly one year since the Traxion.GG Twitch Stream Team was launched. Initially consisting of just five streamers and ten hours of content per week, the team has since grown to 12 streamers.

That means an incredible 23 hours per week of content, across over 30 different games streamed so far.

Wreckfest’s December Tournament update is a Banger Brawl

The latest additions to the team include the American streamer FrozenToes, who has been broadcasting the SnB IndyCar league on our channel with her co-commentator Pete Rouzic for the past month, West Coast Gran Turismo 7 streamer TyrannoCyrusRex and Canadian YouTuber Gary Owen, who is focused on all things NASCAR, whether it’s iRacing, NR2003, NASCAR Heat, Wreckfest mods, or anything else that might have a stock car. 

Eight of the stream team members are confirmed for the event tonight: Michi Hoyer, Aero, DriveThrough, Annie Rabbets, Rwaggy, Gary Owen, Crystal Scuor and Justin Sutton. Cyrus and FrozenToes are hoping to be part of the event as well, as are a couple of members of the editorial team, so all in all we’re aiming for 10+ participants. 

The format of the event is very casual, with viewers on Twitch voting for the Wreckfest tracks that will be used during the stream, and a variety of vehicles being used. The stream starts at 4 pm Eastern, 1 pm Pacific, 9 pm BST, 10 pm CEST, and will take place on the Traxion Twitch channel. See you there!

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