WATCH: The History of Le Mans, Part 4

John Munro returns for yet another history lesson on Le Mans, the famed endurance event that’s been around for 100 years now.
WATCH: The History of Le Mans, Part 4

The fourth part of our History of Le Mans series is finally here, and this time, we’re getting into the modern era of the famed endurance event.

This year is the Centenary, or the 100-year anniversary of the historic event. That’s 100 years of pure speed!

Thankfully, many of the most-current racing game titles on the market, including Gran Turismo 7, iRacing and rFactor 2, have these modern-era machines to jump into right now on the Circuit de la Sarthe, and that’s just what John Munro has done today.

Sit down and grab a snack as John Munro gives you another lesson on Le Mans, all while taking a few laps around La Sarthe on some of the most popular racing games.

If you haven’t yet already, we recommend watching the previous three History of Le Mans videos before you get into this one, trust us, they’re worth the watch.


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