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WATCH: ‘The Getaway Driver’ brings hype for Forza Horizon 5

WATCH: 'The Getaway Driver' brings hype for Forza Horizon 5

There are only a handful of days until Forza Horizon 5 launches on Xbox consoles and Windows PC. While they hype has already been high for the latest installment in the Forza franchise, the latest three-minute trailer from Xbox provides a cinematic experience tailored to deliver even more hype.

‘The Getaway Driver’ stars Cristo Fernández as the driver and the passenger in a trip around the Mexican countryside. From the desert, to the rainforest, and back into the town, the short film shifts focus from living a boring lifestyle to a more exciting one in the world of Horizon 5. After a jump out of the forest and back into town, the driver finds himself in a street race with Karol G, which he wins, before he makes his way to the coast.

As it turns out, the passenger never existed, it was the driver who took himself on the adventure. Now with the large world to explore, he hops back into his car to get back to it. The car transforms into the cover car for the game, the Mercedes-AMG One, and the driver speeds off along the coastline.

From recent Forza streams, we know that the Mercedes-AMG One is going to be obtainable early on in the first festival playlist when the game launches. We also know that the game map set in Mexico will be the “largest and most diverse” open-world setting in the Forza Horizon franchise. This cinematic trailer is merely a reminder of all of that.

The game officially launches on 9th November for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and on PC via the Windows Store. The Premium Edition of the game unlocks on the 5th of November for Early Access, but that will cost a little extra.

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