WATCH: The Final Drift | Race Driver: GRID Episode 23

It’s Sunday, and that means it’s time for another episode of John Munro’s Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID Series. While drifting wasn’t his forte at the beginning of the series, I’ll be darned if John isn’t one of the best to ever do it after today’s episode.

Of course, the first half of the episode ended up needing a “reshoot” of sorts. You see, John was able to wheel his new Nissan Silvia drift mobile to a championship while also earning over a six-million point score. Unfortunately, we won’t ever get to see that because technology kind of sucks sometimes.

Anyway, because he’s so confident and to Carmen’s dismay, John is going to give it one last drift to see if he can match that score or if it was just a fluke. Once again in the Nissan Silvia, it’s an easy championship to win. The challenge will be trying to match that six-million point total.

After recreating the drift title, the #1 ranked driver in GRID World, John Traxion will head to Le Mans one final time. However, this will be a battle like no other. Rick Racing will intentionally field underperforming cars to see if John or his teammate David Dempsey can conquer the “24 hour” race. With the new, lesser Creation CA06/H-Judd LMP1 on the track, can John avoid the mayhem and win another Le Mans trophy?

We’re nearing the end of John’s Race Driver: GRID series, so be sure to catch up on all the action. Keep it pinned and we’ll see you next week for the next episode.

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