WATCH: the craziest engine swaps in Gran Turismo 7, part two

Join us as we take you through part two of our Gran Turismo 7 engine swap guide, featuring the craziest motor swaps you can find in-game.
WATCH: the craziest engine swaps in Gran Turismo 7, part two

Gran Turismo 7’s v1.34 update unlocked the ability to swap car engines via the game’s GT Auto hub, instead of relying on the egregious roulette ticket mechanic. 

So, providing you have enough credits, you can retrofit a Porsche 911 engine into a Volkswagen SambaBus, or even squeeze the powerplant from the Audi Quattro S1 Pikes Peak car into a Mk1 Golf GTI (check out part one for these particular swaps). 

Which is all fantastic, until you have to drive them, where the downsides of cramming a big, heavy motor into a lightweight vehicle become apparent thanks to catastrophically bad weight distribution. 

Never mind though, the GT Auto animation of a mechanic chucking 200kg of metal into your car makes it all worthwhile. Kind of.

Join us as we tackle part two of our ‘Craziest Engine Swaps in Gran Turismo 7’ guide. Remember, swapping engines does not necessarily result in positive changes…  

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