WATCH: Sampling Automobilista 2’s v1.41 update

Ross McGregor
Our very own John Munro gets to grips with Automobilista 2’s epic newv1.41 update, including new cars, tracks and oval racing.
WATCH: Sampling Automobilista 2's v1.41 update

Automobilista 2 has been a fairly divisive sim since its release in 2020. Featuring the same game engine as Project CARS 2, Automobilista 2’s (AMS2) developer – Reiza Studios – has worked hard to shake off the physics inconsistencies of Slightly Mad Studios’ title.

Its latest v1.41 update is the culmination of that work, with numerous physics tweaks making AMS2 worthy of any avid sim racer’s collection. In addition, new cars and tracks are continuously added to the sim, with the likes of Daytona’s Tri-Oval, the Mercedes AMG GT4, Autoclub Speedway and Spa-Francorchamps’ 2022 layout arriving with the new update.

In this video, John dons his VR headset – AMS2 has perhaps the best VR implementation of any sim on the market – and tries out some of the new content.

This includes a blast with the underwhelming Ginetta G55 GT3 at WorldWide Technology Raceway; a Copa Truck race from the 2022 version of Spa; followed by a test of AMS2’s newly-added oval racing ruleset and its classic IndyCar content.

Expect plenty of flying wheels and detached wings as John samples the delights of full-course yellows (FCY). All in the name of research, of course…

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