WATCH: Romain Grosjean prepares for Long Beach IndyCar finale

Justin Melillo

Track guides, we know a thing or two about them. Whether it’s learning about a track for the first time or how to get around in different vehicles, it’s always a good shout when someone gives some expertise.

The former Formula 1 driver and current NTT IndyCar Series rookie standout Romain Grosjean hopped on his simulator for a few laps around Long Beach on the iRacing platform. While he’s never competed in an IndyCar event at this venue, simulators and racing games in general are a growing tool among the motorsports community.

iRacing’s version of Long Beach is one of their more visually stunning tracks. The 11-turn venue clocks in at 1.968-miles (3.167-kilometers) and was laser scanned into the program. The track sat for a while as a tech track before finally getting the full visual treatment in 2020. Grosjean is also in the Dallara IR18, the current IndyCar on the iRacing car list.

Watch and learn how a professional driver like Grosjean breaks down his laps around the Californian streets. All he’s missing is a few of his R8G Esports teammates out there to get the passing zones down. Although, I do believe the next time he and Jimmie Johnson get near each other, there will be space given…

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