WATCH: Opening 90+ Blind Boxes in Hot Wheels Unleashed!

The grind is real. Rich and John are back on Hot Wheels Unleashed once again as they open over 90 Blind Boxes and see how lucky they get, then pick one of the new cars and go head to head.

The Blind Boxes, apart from a small selection in the Limited Time shop, are the only way to grow your vehicle collection in the game. You earn coins for good race results, and you can sell duplicate models, and then spend those coins on a Blind Box. Sometimes, you may also find a Blind Box on the City Rumble map.

Upon opening, you received a new Hot Wheels diecast – but it is random, so trying to receive something special like KITT from Knight Rider of the DMC DeLorean is no mean feat.

Do you think the grinding pace for boxes is cool in Hot Wheels Unleashed? Let us know in the comments below!

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