WATCH: Monza Assetto Corsa Competizione track guide

WATCH: Monza Assetto Corsa Competizione track guide

If I was given a pound for every time I’d heard ‘Cathedral of Speed’ and ‘Monza’ in the same sentence, I could probably afford to register the trademark.

As for a statement, well, it’s not wrong. This place really does have some serious Cathedral vibes to it. As for speed, well anybody who has driven around the circuit in a game or watched it on TV will know just how fast it really is.

In GT3 cars, the toughest thing to judge can often be the high kerbs present at many of the chicanes, which all require a lot of practice to get right. Once you find your rhythm consistently, however, it becomes a magical lap.

In this video, I attempt to help you master your ideal lines and braking zones around this iconic and historic venue. If I’d added the words ‘Iconic’ and ‘Historic’ to that first sentence, I’d probably be able to buy the whole place….

Techniques will definitely vary from one car to the next, so make sure you find what works best for you. To help you get up to speed, here are some target lap times I have set:

  • Pro – 1:46:00
  • Pro-Am – 1:48:50
  • Am – 1:51:00
  • My time – 1:46:30

Make sure you let us know via social media what your favourite car to pound around Monza is!

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