WATCH: Let’s Play TOCA Race Driver 3, Episode 30 – THE FINALE!

We’ve finally reached the end of this Let’s Play TOCA Race Driver 3. Win or lose, it’s been an absolute blast reliving my childhood vicariously through this game and sharing it with all of you.

Look at all we’ve accomplished in 29 episodes. John Traxion became the Formula World Champion. Rick got his moment in the sun. We all grew this series to brand-new heights thanks to your support. Sadly, it’s time to bring this to a close with my final attempt at TOCA Tier 32.

It says I’ve completed the World Tour at 100%, so I’m still counting it as a full Let’s Play run through. This nineties Williams Renault FW18 is such a challenge no matter what I change, so let’s just call it a bonus round. I’m already the World Champ, so anything more is just a bonus.

Be sure to subscribe to the Traxion YouTube channel as I’ll be starting my next Let’s Play fairly soon. TOCA Race Driver 3 has been such a fun time. I’ll likely reflect on all of the Let’s Play TOCA Race Driver 3 episodes at some point. Thank you all for following along with it all. Until next time, keep it pinned.

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