WATCH: Let’s play TOCA Race Driver 3, Episode 12

WATCH: Let’s play TOCA Race Driver 3, Episode 12

Some fun facts for you. Mosler was founded in 1985 and initially made the Consulier GTP, a strange sports car with a unique fiberglass-and-foam monocoque chassis. Sadly, it had also taken a beating from the ugly stick.

Despite its very odd design, it soldiered on until the year 2000, by then named the Mosler Raptor, before being replaced by the Mosler MT900 in 2001.

The MT900 was a thoroughbred racing car. Gone where the gaudy looks, replaced by aerodynamic athleticism. It used a carbon-fibre chassis this time, paired to a GM LS1 V8 engine mounted in the middle. To prove its racing prowess, the MT900R was created. The differences between the two were relatively limited, showing just how aggressive the road-legal variant was.

Initially, its performance on track was strong, winning several times during the 2003 British GT Championship. However, the results tailed off in the intervening years and in 2006, the new GT3 rules meant homologation was denied due to the lack of road-going versions sold.

This leads us to today’s TOCA Race Driver 3 retrospective playthrough, I’m once again during in the GT Championship driving a… yes, you’ve guessed it, Mosler MT900R.

That whole set-up would have been weird if he was using a different car, wouldn’t it?

Watch in this latest episode as we approach the three-quarters mark for the World Tour career and let us know in the comments what you’d like to see next. You can also watch the previous eleven episodes.

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