WATCH: Insane DIRT 5 Playgrounds playthrough

John Munro
WATCH: Insane DIRT 5 Playgrounds playthrough

Once you’ve played through the Career Mode in DIRT 5, your next step should be the Playgrounds area.

Playgrounds allows you to create your own tracks within the game and share them with the world. It’s surprisingly fun, and although the physical arena size is limited, the verticality of each level seems to be almost endless. There are also hundreds of items, ramps and flaming loops to spice up your creation.

In this video, I’m not going to create something. Watching me muse over which type of haybale I should add to a layout does not make for interesting viewing.

But, I have downloaded some of the best and most popular creations, and should it take my fancy, tried to set a competitive online leaderboard time.

Some of the levels are absolutely insane, and if you’ve not picked up DIRT 5 for a while, I recommend you dive back in and try a few of the Playgrounds out.

For more on the title, you can read our DIRT 5 written review, or watch our DIRT 5 video review. Stay tuned to Traxion for more on the game throughout 2021. Can you beat my times on these levels?

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