F1 2021

WATCH: How does F1 2021 look and sound compared to F1 2020?

You may or may not know it, but F1 2021 is released this week. Can you tell? 

While it’s available right now for the Deluxe Edition purchasers, it releases on the 16th July for the regular version. Ahead of then, we decided to test out the new game and compare it to last year’s edition. 

Here’s a visual and audio comparison between F1 2021 and F1 2020. You will see the Mercedes F1 car at Silverstone, the Red Bull around Suzuka, the Renault and Alpine at Paul Ricard and the Ferrari at Monza. We used multiple camera angles too. 

You can clearly see the difference in asphalt texture and hear more transmission noise in the latest release. 

Please note, this comparison is on the same PC with the following specifications: i9 10900K, RTX 3090, 128GB, 2TB Nvme SSD, 4K. All in-game settings were on the ‘Ultra’ default. 

This is not a comparison between old-gen and current-gen consoles. 

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