WATCH: Hot Wheels Unleashed Split Screen Gameplay


It’s launch day for the highly anticipated Hot Wheels Unleashed by Milestone! What better way to celebrate than to stick John Munro and Rich Hutson in a room together, head-to-head for bragging rights, utilising the split-screen mode on the new game.

It’s a best-of-five race series. Both have created the perfect custom vehicles for the occasion in the Livery Editor. Strap in as we show off some of the capabilities of the new game with Rich’s “Moustaxion” model taking on John’s “Really A Ford” creation.

Could Mario Kart’s couch co-op racing crown be toppled by Hot Wheels Unleashed? It’s the first time that Rich and John are going head to head on the Traxion channel and it’s absolutely brilliant. This is arguably Milestone’s best title yet, as well. Prepare to lose many, many hours into this excellently nostalgic arcade racing experience.

If you’re somehow not sold on it after watching this battle of epic proportions, be sure to check out Tom’s Hot Wheels Unleashed review as well as his interview with Lead Game Designer Federico Cardini. If you want more Rich content, John content, Rich vs John content or Traxion content in general, leave us a like and click on the subscribe button.

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