WATCH: Taking on Le Mans in the Formula Pro

Just before the 89th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend, Alpine Racing had planned to demonstrate a handful of cars on Circuit de la Sarthe. The demonstration was to include one of their Formula 1 cars, and it’s likely all to do with their upcoming possible entry into the future Le Mans Hypercar class.

The whole idea got the guys at Traxion Towers pondering what a modern Formula 1 car could do on the historic French Circuit. No, these Formula cars aren’t built for this type of track and will likely never come here. The track is 13.626-kilometers, or 8.467-miles long, making it one of the longest circuits in the world.

The long straights wouldn’t allow for the hybrid power units to recharge enough, but that’s the beauty of simulation, is it not? We can see what could be possible without physically going out there and doing it.

We’ve hooked John Munro up to the simulator to take on the modern-day Circuit de la Sarthe on rFactor 2 with the new Formula Pro. Circuit de la Sarthe on rFactor 2 is laser-scanned for precision, and it comes with the visually appealing PBR shading. The Formula Pro is a fantasy V10 single-seater from the minds at Studio 397, built to the specifications of the 2022 rules.

It’s all a mostly pretty sight. Plus, John is taking on the course in the new Fanatec CSL DD, so this video is just all around appealing. Watch and see how John is able to wheel it all around the twists and turns of Le Mans, corners like the Porsche Curves, Tertre Rouge and Indianapolis.

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