WATCH: Formula Pro Series Round 4, Donington

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The Formula Pro Series heads to Donington Park, another new venue for the championship. Will there be a fourth new race winner? Watch live on Traxion.GG
WATCH: Formula Pro Series Round 4, Donington

From one new venue to another, Formula Pro Series heads to Donington Park after the changeable conditions at Daytona four weeks ago.

The Formula Pro undercard, Formula Challenge Series, raced at this same venue with similar machinery last week, and it was the best race of the season. R8G Esport’s Risto Kappet pulling off an audacious strategy.

The Grand Prix Loop, which adds the Melbourne Hairpin, can sometimes be seen as a layout that robs the venue of the somewhat mystical ‘flow’, but it suits the Formula Pro cars’ high-downforce set-up.

Jarno Opmeer replaced by Marko Pejic, Formula Pro Series 2022

Last time out, Jernej Simončič managed to keep his title hopes alive with a fine third place, but it was Kevin Siggy who claimed his first Formula Pro win – with Team Redline stablemate Jeffrey Rietveld in second. Now carrying success ballast, the Redline cars must haul that around the British circuit as they hope to keep rivals behind.

Chasing them all the way in round three will be an all-star cast in the single-seater series, led by the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports Team consisting of 2021 champion Bono Huis.

There have been some mid-season changes to the line-up. Two-time F1 Esports Series Pro champion Jarno Opmeer has been replaced by Marko Pejic for the rest of the season, following a tumultuous campaign that saw three straight retirements.

Formula Pro Series, 2022, Donington Park

Pejic returns to Formula Pro Series following an up-and-down season in 2021, but did just finish on the overall podium in the Alpine Esports Series.

Elsewhere, Laurent Keersmaekers has replaced Noah Reuvers at the NetRex Grand Prix team, a squad on form in the Formula Sim Racing World Championship, but yet to find its stride in Formula Pro Series. Daniel Brewer also replaces Liam de Waal at Wolves GR Esports.

Sadly, the grid will be one car down, as Williams Esports’ Michael Romanidis has fallen ill.

Formula Pro Series, Esports Championship, Donington 2022

With three different race winners from the first three races, and no win yet for reining champion Bono Huis, watch the race later today, 4th July, to see if there will be yet another new winner.


Round 4 of the 2022 Formula Pro Series from Donington Park starts at 7 pm BST / 8 pm CEST / 11 am PT / 2 pm ET.

The presenters for each round will be esteemed sports broadcaster Rachael Downie, GB3 and GB4 commentator Lewis McGlade and John Munro.

How to watch the Formula Pro Series esports championship

Live race coverage is on the Traxion.GG Facebook PageTwitch and YouTube Channels. It will also be live on Autosport and’s Facebook pages.


  • Round 1 – Spa-Francorchamps – 9th May 2022
  • Round 2 – Monza – 23rd May 2022
  • Round 3 – Daytona Road Course – 6th June 2022
  • Round 4 – Donington Park – 4th July 2022
  • Round 5 – Circuit d’Azur – 18th July 2022
  • Round 6 – Laguna Seca – 1st August 2022


There are 12 teams, 24 drivers, entered for every race in the 2022 Formula Pro Series.

  • #1 Bono Huis – Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports Team
  • #6 Adam Maguire – Wolves GR Esports
  • #8 Erhan Jajovski – R8G Esports
  • #10 Michi Hoyer – Burst Esport
  • #11 Nuno Pinto – Team Fordzilla
  • #12 Ibraheem Khan – BS+Competition
  • #13 Alex Siebel – Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports
  • #17 Jernej Simončič – Burst Esport
  • #19 Jeffrey Rietveld – Team Redline
  • #20 Kevin Siggy – Team Redline
  • #21 Collin Spork – NetRex Grand Prix
  • #22 Ferris Stanley – Rocket Simsport
  • #23 Daniel Kiss – Rocket Simsport
  • # 27 Dennis Jordan – Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports
  • #34 Marko Pejic – Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports Team
  • #44 Laurent Keersmaekers – NetRex Grand Prix
  • #46 Gianmarco Fiduci – Team Fordzilla
  • #60 Dawid Mroczek – Bykolles Burst Esport
  • #66 Daniel Brewer – Wolves GR Esports
  • #88 Marcell Csincsik – R8G Esports
  • #93 Damian Skowron – Bykolles Burst Esport
  • #96 Muhammed Patel – BS+Competition
  • #97 Petar Brljak – Williams Esports


  1. Jernej Simončič – Burst Esport – 92 pts
  2. Jeffrey Rietveld – Team Redline – 81 pts
  3. Kevin Siggy – Team Redline – 80 pts
  4. Bono Huis – Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports Team – 74 pts
  5. Dennis Jordan – Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports – 72 pts
  6. Marcell Csincsik – R8G Esports – 68 pts
  7. Alex Siebel – Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports – 61 pts
  8. Petar Brljak – Williams Esports – 60 pts
  9. Muhammed Patel – BS+ Competition – 57 pts
  10. Michi Hoyer – Burst Esport – 53 pts


The following allocated success ballast for Round 4 is based on the current championship standings: Simončič 10kg, Rietveld 7kg, Siggy 4kg.

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