WATCH: Dave Cam’s Done & Dusted Series – Week 9, F3 at Nürburgring GP

In Dave Cam’s new Done & Dusted series, Dave is aiming to master a variety of racing disciplines. Will his iRating go up or down after 12 weeks?

Last week, Dave Cam lost his first bit of iRating in his 2023 iRacing Season 3 challenge series, something we like to call Dave Cam’s Done & Dusted Series. Why, again, is it Done & Dusted? That’s because he’s trying to see if he can gain iRating as a whole over the course of a full season where he can’t use the same car twice.

That means, once he’s gone and done a race with any of the cars that iRacing offers, good or bad, that’s it, no more jumping into that car until Season 4. Through eight weeks, he’s dusted off the GT3, FF1600, FIA F4, GR86, Formula Vee, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, Street Stock and as of last week, the Ligier LMP3.

After losing out in a stacked field last week in the LMP3, Dave’s current iRating swing is still a positive 316 iRating points. This week, the choices were slim, but Dave decide that he would take on the Formula F3 at the Nürburgring GP.

Open Wheel racing isn’t Dave’s strong suit, but maybe he can capitalize on his knowledge of the 3.15-mile / 5.07-kilometer venue despite the car not being his first, second, or even eighth choice over this season.

Dave is starting off in a hole again by qualifying in 11th on a 22-driver grid, ranking as the seventh highest driver. That basically means this race could go either way, and while the loss potential is higher than the gain, Dave just need to stay in contention to have a shot.

As always, check out the Traxion.GG website and YouTube for everything else Dave Cam, plus all the tons of other racing games, esports and sim racing equipment content that we’ve posted about as well. Keep it pinned!

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