WATCH: Dave Cam’s Done & Dusted Series – Week 10, Skip Barber at Watkins Glen

In Dave Cam’s new Done & Dusted series, Dave is aiming to master a variety of racing disciplines. Will his iRating go up or down after 12 weeks?
WATCH: Dave Cam's Done & Dusted Series - Week 10, Skip Barber at Watkins Glen

Another week of iRacing action in 2023 Season 3 means another car for Dave Cam to drive in during his Done & Dusted Series. As a refresher, Dave Cam’s Done & Dusted Series requires our good friend Dave to race different iRacing vehicles every week for this 12 week span.

In the first nine weeks, Dave has driven in the GT3, FF1600, FIA F4, GR86, Formula Vee, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, Street Stock, Ligier LMP3, and most recently, the F3. Sticking with the open wheel selection, Dave is set to try another fender-less machine, the Skip Barber, which this week is running at Watkins Glen International.

Why the Skippy? Well, Dave is running out of options this late into the going. As it reads, this series has a premise where once a car has been done once, that’s it, dusted, to be utilised no more, and the hope is to see if Dave can collect a positive iRating gain over the course of it all. So far, so good, as he’s plus 313 iRating points to date.

Dave starts from the pole position at the 2.45-mile, 3.94-kilometer venue in Upstate New York. This is the Cup layout, the same layout used in the NASCAR Cup Series. Sorry, no boots today, but there will be a bus stop at least. 17 laps are on the board, can Dave win this game of virtual motor chess today?

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