Von der Heyde takes rFactor 2 GT Pro Series title at The Brickyard

Von der Heyde takes rFactor 2 GT Pro Series title at The Brickyard

With eight drivers still in with a realistic shot of claiming the rFactor 2 GT Pro Series crown, Season 3 had proven a success heading into its final round. No virtual cross-country trek this time as the second event of a United States double-header got underway at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

GT PRO Series, ROUND 6, Indianapolis, Qualifying

The lead of the championship was an elusive spot at best and the owner of this going into the final round, Jan von der Heyde, knew it. A good qualification session was imperative and placing P2 on the grid was certainly a good start to the evening for the German.

Beating him to the pole post by under half a tenth was Red Bull Racing Esports’ Dennis Jordan claiming yet another front row start for himself this season. It wasn’t such a good session for the third German in the top three however as Michi Hoyer could only manage P7.

The mercurial Joonas Raivio and Jordy Zwiers surprised many to lock their places into the second row of the grid with Timotej Andonovski rounding out the top five. Alex Siebel and Jernej Simoncic, outsiders for the championship, would make up the outer edge of the top ten.

WATCH: GT Pro Series Season 3, Grand Final, Live

GT PRO Series, ROUND 6, Indianapolis, Sprint Race

The long run down to Turn 1 had Jordan sweating off the rolling start and von der Heyde knew it. Launching a daring move around the outside of the Bentley at the first opportunity, the championship leader took the lead of the race within the first twenty seconds. Hoyer and Simoncic had poor getaways falling outside of the top ten.

Falling back into the clutches of the midfield, Simoncic would be hounded by Jakub Brzezinski until the issue was forced at the Burst Esports drive fell back to 15th, effectively ruling him out of reverse grid joy. Things were a different kind of frustrating for Hoyer however as Arne Schoonvliet simply wouldn’t allow him a sniff of 10th.

GT Pro Series Season 3 Indianapolis Aston Martin vs. Bentley GT3

The top ten remained relatively static for the rest of the Sprint and late pressure on Jordan allowed von der Heyde all the room to cruise to a very well-timed first win of the season ahead of his compatriot and an impressive Raivio.

  1. J. von der Heyde – 12 LAPS
  2. D. Jordan – +1.998
  3. J. Raivio- +2.266
  4. J. Zwiers – +2.585
  5. K. Stolze – +3.446
  6. T. Andonovski – +6.744
  7. N. Pinto – +7.783
  8. A. Siebel – +8.433
  9. Y. Kasdorp – +8.742
  10. A. Schoonvliet – +9.061

GT PRO Series, ROUND 6, Indianapolis, Main Race

A reverse grid was dangerous for all the contenders left in the title fight with most now flung back into the midfield which had punished Simoncic for a poor start. Schoonvliet led into Turn 1 but eyes were immediately drawn to Hoyer who had learned from his mistakes in the Sprint and leapfrogged three cars into 8th; von der Heyde and Jordan included.

A sluggish start for Andonovski was all the incentive Jordan needed to reclaim a place back and for the first time this event, a car was now between himself and von der Heyde. Further progress would be required though with von der Heyde ultimately achieving the same success a couple of laps later. Further up the road with Schoonvliet beginning to pull a gap on the field, his Red Bull stablemates exchanged position with Kasdorp giving way to Siebel in an effort to reel the leading Dutchman back in.

GT Pro Series Season 3 Indianapolis

Kasdorp’s custody of third was brief as Kaspar Stolze moved his Corvette up onto the podium with just over 30 minutes left. As the rabble behind continued to scrap over 5th, Stolze’s charge continued with 2nd in sight. Lap after lap of pressure was unrewarded however as with 9 minutes to go, a tap on the rear of Siebel sent Kaspar round.

In the ensuing fallout, Jordan finally made his way through on a stubborn Hoyer although by this point time was running out to close the points gap on von der Heyde. Once again, Jan responded with gusto going side-by-side with Hoyer through the entire first sector of the motor speedway. Finally confirming 8th as his through Turn 7, the move would prove very fruitful as the season came to its close.

Schoonvliet would romp home to confirm a different winner in every race of GT Pro Series this season with the Red Bull duo of Siebel and Kasdorp rounding out the podium. Despite a late move on Pinto, however, Dennis Jordan’s 6th would not be enough to depose Jan von der Heyde from the top of the points standings.

  1. A. Schoonvliet – 231 LAPS
  2. A. Siebel – +5.864
  3. Y. Kasdorp – +7.230
  4. J. Raivio – +7.522
  5. J. Zwiers – +8.063
  6. D. Jordan – +12.933
  7. N. Pinto – +13.151
  8. J. von der Heyde – +13.395
  9. M. Hoyer – +17.340
  10. J. Simoncic – +17.460

In Conclusion

Season 3 of the rFactor 2 GT Pro Series powered by us here at Traxion.GG will surely go down in history as one of the greatest in the game’s history. With another season expected later this year, there is no doubt that the future of the championship is very bright indeed.

Thrilling, unpredictable events. Fantastic drama and outstanding production value. Season 4 cannot come soon enough except perhaps for one driver. Jan will likely want to admire his crown for as long as possible.

GT Pro Series, Season 3, championship results

  1. Jan von der Heyde – 940
  2. Dennis Jordan – 938
  3. Alex Siebel – 925
  4. Michi Hoyer – 921
  5. Yuri Kasdorp – 916
  6. Jernej Simoncic – 906
  7. Arne Schoonvliet – 897
  8. Jakub Brzezinski – 893
  9. Timotej Andonovski – 889
  10. Joonas Raivio – 878
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