Untitled LusoMotors racing seat project to be produced

Untitled LusoMotors racing seat project to be produced

LusoMotors, the producers of the RCC brand of racing seats, has a new project that’s about to enter production for 2022. Using their RCC-MK8 style of seat that already exists, the new unnamed project will merge the seat with the rig for what hopes to be a great marriage between comfort and efficiency.

These RCC-MK8 seats are more of a formula-style seat which the user leans back and their feet are pointed forward instead of on the ground. It merges the frame to the seat by adding a thick pad of foam all the way around the rig. At first glance, it looks like a hassle to get into, but the top section, or side arms, swivel up for easy access to sitting down and lounging. When it’s time to race, just drop it down and get to virtual lapping.

Per the social media posting on Facebook and Instagram, the chair will utilize carbon fiber, leather, suede and aluminum to bring it all together. It will be suitable for larger users, and it’s meant to be a seat where people can both relax in and also compete in.

Mounting points for the peripherals will all be adjustable as well for longer and shorter folks. Honestly, it looks fantastic. It’s very futuristic feeling with the swiveling arms. Plus, in the concept work, it looks to have a solution for cord management, but that’s not confirmed. No price point or name has been given, but those interested are asked to email the company for more details.

Check out the LusoMotors social post below and let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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