“Unofficial tribute to SEGA Rally Championship”, Over Jump Rally now listed on Steam

Remember SEGA Rally Championship from 1994? Over Jump Rally could be the spiritual remake from Bonsai Rosso if the project gets greenlit.

An independent project by developer Bonsai Rosso dubbed Over Jump Rally has just been listed on Steam as of Thursday, 20th July. Per the developer, it’s an unofficial remake of the 1994 classic arcade racer SEGA Rally Championship utilizing Unreal Engine 5 as a base.

If you remember that title, it was revolutionary for the time as one of the more advanced racing titles on the market. The original SEGA Rally Championship featured different surfaces to drive on, each having its own friction point and handling characteristics.

Over Jump Rally takes that same feeling and has merely updated the graphics to today’s standards with the Unreal Engine. “The idea is to recreate it using Unreal Engine 5: refreshing the graphics to today’s standards while keeping the same arcade driving style,” reads the Steam description.

The title is seemingly un-licensed, and while we’d love to see it come to fruition, will SEGA have a word? “This game is a proof-of-concept hoping to get Sega’s approval,” also reads the Steam description, so it could be a case where this could get struck down and never see the light of day.

If it does make it past that point, this could be a huge nostalgia trip for many of us 80s and 90s kids. Obviously, with the hopes of getting it all approved, there is no set release date just yet. The developer is asking for as many Wishlists as possible to possibly help get the project greenlit. I hope that they succeed!

Check out the details over on the Over Jump Rally Steam page.

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