Triple screen support for KartKraft


The developer of KartKraft has added more features to their early-access product. A long-term favourite of the sim racing community, triple-screens, will add what would be considered an essential component for racing game fans.

For those that are single-screen players, triple-screens for many people help with the feeling of speed in a simulation whilst also giving you some peripheral vision about the cars or karts around you. Virtual Reality (VR) is already supported in the game and offers maximum immersion to those that can comfortably enjoy it. To configure triple-screens, you’ll need to head to the camera menu in game.

Along with the triple screen support, KartKraft has also bought the following additionals updates:

  • New input system – a calibration wizard will help you set up your wheel/pedals
  • Test drive – a menu item added in preparation of an “upcoming track modding tool”
  • HUD – elements can now be moved around the screen using your mouse (not available in VR)
  • FreeTrack support – open-source head tracking (configured in the “camera” settings menu
  • Audio – slider added to change your opponent’s sound
  • FFB default strength – increased to match real-life and help users catch slides on non-direct-drive steering wheels
  • Timing fixes
  • Crash fixes
  • Dynamic sky optimisation

You can read the full update on Steam or read the patch notes below:

Changelog / Patch Notes (29th October 2020)

Added new Input System. Wheels are now easier to bind and presets have been removed.
Added the ability to move and hide HUD elements on screen.
Added Freetrack head tracking option. Available in Settings > Camera.
Added a setting for controlling opponent kart audio volumes.
Added driver numbers to HUD.
Added work-in-progress results screens.
Added audio notification when new online session is available to join.
Added: Wheel profiles now support digital inputs to analog actions, so it’s now possible to bind camera look, clutch, brake, throttle to buttons/paddles
Added: Sunny/cloudy weather option is now hooked up to time of day
Added: HUD vehicle radar and live placings can now be hidden and moved via mouse
Increased accuracy of all live delta values displayed on HUD.
Increased default FFB gain setting.
Added player name tags in online mode.
Fixed Online practice session lets drivers finish their final lap before ending.
Fixed bug where AI would sometimes fail to load.
Fixed lap and sector timing inaccuracy when running for long periods of time.
Fixed corrupt packages due to shutting down game while write is in progress.
Fixed hitches in dynamic sky loading.
Fixed unwanted motion output when replaying.
Fixed trackside cameras not properly handling karts retiring and entering pits.
Fixed ghost trails following tyres on road surface.
Fixed chase camera look movement.
Changed: Binding process is slightly clearer. Binding menu now displays ‘press to bind…’ when input is being detected
Changed: HUD sector times now display individual sectors rather than cumulative time
Fixed certain wheel and pedal setups failing to be detected. Increased number of direct input devices from 8 to 64
Fixed crash when changing opponent volume slider while racing
Fixed crash caused by using Oculus Touch controllers in main menu
Fixed bad VR camera post race results sequence
Fixed bug where ghost vehicle would continue driving after being defeated in timetrial
Fixed occasional motion blur glitches in some cameras
Fixed bug which caused only a maximum of ten AI opponents to be available. Up to 15 opponents should now be possible. (this is not quite fixed…)
Fixed bad motion blur on rotating parts

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