Toyota combines sim racers, Gran Turismo and content creators to promote GR86

Toyota combines sim racers, Gran Turismo 7 and content creators to promote GR86

The winners of the GR86: Racers’ Edge competition will raise $5,000 for charity, and the line-up includes Traxion.GG Stream Team member TyrannoCyrusRex.

For ‘driving enthusiasts’, the Toyota GR86 needs little introduction. The compact, manual, naturally aspirated, rear-wheel-drive coupe is for the purist. But, it seems not everyone is aware, so The GR86: Racers’ Edge competition has been created to showcase the car.

A three-part video series, with episode one live now, will see content creators, sim racers and real-world drivers compete across two teams to win $5,000 for their chosen charity. All challenges are themed around the GR86 car.

The lineup includes TheSimGrid Season 4 PRO-AM champion Elz Indrini and TyrannoCyrusRex. Yes, the TyrannoCyrusRex, who is now part of the Traxion.GG Twitch Steam Team, playing Gran Turismo 7 live on our channel and 2014 GT Academy participant.

In episode one, the participants compete to take the best post-slalom picture, but it’s episode two due on 21st March on YouTube and Instagram that will see what looks to be GT Sport and the Northern Isle Speedway oval raceway to see who is best on the simulator.

The GR86 Racers’ Edge competition

The GR86 arrived first in GT Sport, thanks to a free update, in July 2021, and then made it into Gran Turismo 7. It was initially called the GR 86, before the space in its name for SEO reasons. Fun fact.

The final episode of the Racers’ Edge competition will be released on 24th March and will see an on-track timed hot lap competition around Willow Springs.

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