Touge racer Rev to Vertex receives June release window 

Ross McGregor
Rev to Vertex, the touge racing game from Hong Kong development studio PLUTONIZATION, is set to release on PC in June.
Rev to Vertex Prologue

Hong Kong-based developer PLUTONIZATION is set to release its touge racing simulator Rev to Vertex in June this year, it has been announced. 

The game focuses on the mountain road racing scene which set Japan alight across the nineties, fanned by the popular manga series Initial D and the rise of the Japanese Mid Night Club street racing movement. 

Rev to Vertex is set to feature customisable cars and several public road-based tracks, with early versions of the game located on the Tsuen Wan Section of Route Twisk, in the hills of Hong Kong, with more routes promised for the full release. 

Traxion.GG tested the game’s demo version earlier this year and we were left unimpressed by its poor performance and controller issues, but felt it showed promise in other areas such as visual fidelity and physics. 

Rev to Vertex Prologue: Revved out

An updated demo, named Rev to Vertex Prologue, was released on the 14th of April, aiming to iron out the game’s numerous bugs while also adding more content. We’ll make sure to post our hands-on thoughts about Rev to Vertex Prologue in due course. 

Rev to Vertex Prologue is available to download for free on PC (Steam) now. 

Are you looking forward to Rev to Vertex’s final release? Let us know in the comments below. 

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