Total Arcade Racing coming to Xbox on 19th November

Ross McGregor
Total Arcade Racing multiplayer fun

Total Arcade Racing, the 2D PC and Switch racer, has been slated for an Xbox release Friday 19th November, and to celebrate developer Pretty Fly Games has offered a 20% discount for pre-orders.

With gameplay mirroring that of classic titles such as the original Micro Machines and Super Skidmarks, we gave Total Arcade Racing a mostly positive review, saying “Simple to understand with a nuance to master, consider this one if you are looking for some more top-down racing battles. Best served in short bursts”. Generally, we enjoyed it, but were disappointed by the lack of online play. 

Focusing on pure racing rather than vehicle combat à la Micro Machines, Total Arcade Racing is easy to pick up and play, but has enough subtlety in its physics to provide a stern challenge. And at a bargain price of less than ten pounds, it seems like good value. The pre-order discount lasts until 28th November, so an even better deal can be had! 

Are you looking forward to the Xbox release, or have you enjoyed the PC or Switch versions already? Let us know in the comments below! 

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