Thrustmaster launches sub $200 T128 force feedback racing wheel

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The new entry-level sim racing wheel by Thrustmaster, the T128, strips away some features and throws in cheaper pedals to provide a new bargain option.
Thrustmaster launches sub $200 T128 force feedback racing wheel

In an attempt at broadening the sim racing and racing video game market, Thrustmaster has unveiled a replacement for its venerable T150 and TMX steering wheels, the cut-price T128.

Announced during the Paris Motor Show – an automotive event predominantly used by car manufacturers – the American-French gaming peripheral creator has used it to widen its racing range.

The T128 is a brand-new line that sits at the bottom of the lineup.

Hybrid drive force feedback system

The force feedback system used in the T128 is a hybrid system. This is a combination of gears and belts to deliver the sensation of vehicle driving. The system is said to be identical to that in the more expensive T248.

While this hybrid drive system should not deliver the same clarity or ultimate power as a direct drive system, it’s much more approachable. When compared to the previous entry-level Thrustmaster wheels, the T150 and TMX, it outputs 20 per cent more force.

The wheel rim automatically adjusts its angle of rotation between 270° and 900° according to the type of vehicle being used.

Thrustmaster T128 and pedals, force feedback wheel racing games

Two pedal set

The force feedback steering wheel also comes bundled with a two-pedal set. These are magnetic in function, and likely the biggest cost-saving when compared to the existing T248. That unit comes with a three-pedal unit, entitled T3PM, with adjustable springs – absent here.

Gearshift paddles and rev LEDs

On the wheel rim itself, four LED lights will illuminate as you race up a car’s rev range, letting you know the right time to shift using the included paddles.

Once again compared to the T248, the LCD display with adjustable force feedback levels is another cost-related omission. Looking at a Logitech G293, the paddles on that system are metal, whereas in the T128 they are plastic. However, this new device is considerably more affordable.

Thrustmaster T128 steering wheel, Xbox

PlayStation, Xbox and PC support

The Thrustmaster T128 will be available in two versions:

  • Officially licensed for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and compatible with PC
  • Officially licensed for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, and compatible with PC

Each version comes with the requisite brand-matching buttons on the wheel.

Thrustmaster T128 price

The Thrustmaster T128 will cost a bargain-tastic $199.99/€199.99/£169.99.

While it misses out on the more detailed pedals and the display screen of the T248, it’s £130/$200/€150 cheaper.

Replaces T150 and TMX

While Thrustmaster couldn’t comment at the time of publication, its existing entry-level T150 and TMX wheels are in a similar price range. The T150, currently, is listed as £189.99/$229.99 by the company, so it’s only logical that the T128 now takes its place.

Thrustmaster T128 release date

The Xbox version of the T128 is available today (17th October 2022) in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Asia (excluding China) and Brazil, with other markets following in November.

The PlayStation version is available to pre-order today (17th October 2022), but not shipping until 27th October 2022 within Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia. As with the Xbox edition, other markets follow in November.

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