The SimGrid x VCO Grand Finals details unveiled; Grand Finals begin 28th October

Justin Melillo
Replacing what was the World Cup in past seasons, The SimGrid x VCO Grand Finals takes more of a community approach this time around.

A community championship concept from the minds at both the Virtual Competition Organisation (VCO) and The SimGrid has gained life in the form of the Grand Finals, a new competition that will ultimately take place starting on 28th October and through November.

Building off of the World Cup idea from 2021 and 2022, the Grand Finals aim to take more of a community approach, offering some of the biggest sim racing communities through The SimGrid that compete on Assetto Corsa Competizione the chance to be on the grid for the big finale, either in GT3 or GT4 ranks.

For each of the 10 communities that have been selected… rather, 11 communities now with the inclusion of Low Fuel Motorsports, each community will be able to send forth their Top 5 finishing teams to the big show, the Top 3 taking on GT3 and fourth and fifth entered into the GT4 class.

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With LFM added to the mix, that means the 11 different communities will fill 55 of the 58 slots on the Grand Finals grid, with 33 teams entered into the GT3 and 22 into GT4.

The GT4 class will also get three more entries through a last chance through a Play-Off prologue, where the sixth, seventh and eighth place finishing teams in each community will battle for the final three spots on the GT4 grid, to make a total of 25 GT4 entries into the Grand Final.

While each team will fight for their own supremacy, they will also be representing their respective communities that they qualified through, thus the competition will also tally points for communities as well as individual teams.

The 10 community Grand Final paths that teams can go through are:

And the 11th and final path takes place through the Low Fuel Motorsports community.

Teams can enter every single community championship if they so choose, but those teams are limited to only two slots in the Grand Finals and only one slot per class. Basically, if Team Traxion entered, we could have a GT3 and a GT4 team on the grid at most, even if we went on and won every single community championship.

More details on the competition can be found at The SimGrid website.

11th path added with Low Fuel Motorsports

On 5th July, the competition organizers announced the addition of an 11th path to the Grand Finals. Low Fuel Motorsports (LFM) will be awarding their slots to the top teams from the next season (Season 11) of the Coach Dave Academy GT3 Sprint Series.

By creating a team of at least two drivers and competing in the competition, racers can earn points towards the championship. As it is with the other 10 communities, the Top 3 finishing teams will get a GT3 seat and the fourth and fifth place finishers will get a GT4 ride in the Grand Finals, with the next three going to the Play-Off.

Once the teams have been decided through each community, the 58-team grid (up from 49 in previous competitions) will be finalized to compete on 28th October.

SOURCE: The SimGrid

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