The new Forza Motorsport – what we know so far

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Forza Motorsport

What we know about the next Forza Motorsport

During Microsoft’s July 2020 Xbox Games Showcase, the Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer introduced the next chapter in the long-running Forza Motorsport series. After what has been arguably a slightly dry spell for the Motorsport side of the franchise on Xbox One – while the Horizon games go from strength to strength – this needs to be a thorough refresh in order to appease the FM community.

Details are scant at present, but what we do know from the official Xbox website is that the next game will be coming to Game Pass on day one.

Is the next Forza Motorsport Game called Forza Motorsport 8?

So far, the number ‘8’ has been jettisoned. For now, it’s simply called ‘Forza Motorsport’. The non-committal aspect of this name could suggest a re-boot for the series. For example, the recent God of War game ditched numbers or subtitles and started afresh. But it could also just be a placeholder until further down the line.

This is mildly confusing, for now, but off the back of seven previous Motorsport titles, perhaps the time is right to start again. Like how Microsoft called its third console the ‘One’. So, maybe the biggest question will be, if this ends up being called ‘Forza Motorsport’, what will the sequel be called?

What we do know, however, is that this next game will be available from day one on Game Pass, making that service incredible value as every Twitter reply, forum post and article comment will attest.

Is there a trailer?

Indeed, there is, and you can watch it below.

What cars will be included?

No official word on this outside of the trailer, but in the initial reveal clip we see an epic single-seater track-day weapon – a BAC Mono – sat in a garage alongside a race team preparing around a Mazda B12/80 IMSA Prototype.

The car we see on track is an Apollo IE, which stands for Intensa Emozione. It’s a carbon-fibre hypercar with over 780 hp from a 6.3L V12.

But that’s it. Three cars, only one of which was shown on a circuit. Whichever cars are included though, you’ll be able to drive them via a Game Pass subscription.

What tracks will be included?

No idea. But in the trailer the racing takes place on California’s WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca. It would be a safe bet that this was included.

Speaking of inclusion, we do know that the game will be part of Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service from the day it launches.

When will it be released?

Not a clue. Phil Spencer stressed that the game was “early in development” by Turn 10 Studios during the Xbox event, which could hint towards a later release than initially expected.

The Forza Motorsport games were on a two-year cycle of releases since the very first in 2005. However, the last was FM7, which released way back in 2017. With this schedule now no longer the case, it’s hard to predict.

For the Xbox Series S/X to succeed, it needs more first-party games soon, so the second half of 2021 would be ideal. However, the trailer states that the footage is ‘captured in-engine’. That’s different to in-game footage, again suggesting a longer lead time.

When it finally drops, it will be on PC, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X via Game Pass.

Will it be coming to Game Pass?


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