The latest GT Sport Daily Races are a mixed bag

GT Sport GR Supra 2020

There’s a divisive type of sweet, or candy, available in the UK known as Liquorice Allsorts. In a bag, you get a mixture of shapes, sizes and colours, but all are based around liquorice, and that isn’t for everyone. I distinctly remember trying it for the first time as a child and hating it. Now I’m more mature, I actually quite like the black, sticky and sharp-tasting confectionary.

Which is similar in some ways to the world’s reaction to the latest Toyota Supra. I think many people thought the styling was too fussy, the price too high and the BMW-derived handling a bit numb. But I think time has been a great healer. The looks, in particular, have grown on people, the introduction of a 2-litre version lowered the barrier to entry and Toyota revised the suspension. It’s grown on me.

And so on to GT Sport, which not only has the 2019 Supra but the updated 2020 version, the latter of which is used in one of this week’s GT Sport online Daily Races, alongside a wonderfully varied selection of events that eschews the recent road car-Gr.4 race car-Gr.3 race car format.

GT Sport Daily Races 22nd March

We start with a classic event. A Mazda MX-5 (or ‘Roadster’ with its Japanese-market name) around the tight and hairpin-strewn Tsukuba circuit just outside of Tokyo. The salmon sushi of GT Sport Daily Races. You can’t go wrong. Six laps, 11 opponents and a grid start create the perfect recipe for tense battles and a spot of panel rubbing.

Mazda MX-5 Miata Roasters GT Sport

Our favourite fictional Italian racetrack follows next, the GP layout of Lago Maggiore with the full-fat Gr.3 cars. But, unlike in recent times, this isn’t the race with the tyre wear of fuel consumption, so it’s four brief laps of flat-out racing. Expect this to be a close one!

Aston Martin DRR9 GT3 GT Sport

Finally, the aforementioned Supra event on a suitably Japanese-flavoured fictional track. This ‘one make’ race sees the entire grid using the same car with no tuning allowed. Ten laps is pretty lengthy for a race using a road car, and both tyre wear and fuel consumption are switched on, so you’ll have to be savvy with your driving style and strategy. Ganbarou.

GT Sport GR Supra 2020

You can view the full details below and we’ll be back next week with the latest ranked Daily Races. For now, let us know on social media if you’ve managed to finish on the podium during the latest Sport Mode events.

Race A 

Car: Mazda Roadster S (ND) ’15
Track: Tsukuba Circuit
Laps: Six
No. Of Cars: 12 
Duration: 15 Mins 
Tyres: Sports Hard
Fuel Consumption: None 
Tyre Wear: None 
Start Type: Grid Start

Race B 

Car: GR.3, any 
Track: Autodrome Lago Maggiore – GP
Laps: Four
No. Of Cars: 16 
Duration: 15 Mins 
Tyres: Racing Medium
Fuel Consumption: None 
Tyre Wear: None 
Start Type: Rolling Start

Race C 

Car: Toyota GR Supra RZ ’20
Laps: 10
No. Of Cars: 20 
Duration: 25 Mins 
Tyres: Sports Soft or Sports Medium
Fuel Consumption: 2x 
Tyre Wear: 8x 
Start Type: Rolling Start

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