The GT Omega PRIME Lite is a compact sim racing cockpit

The GT Omega PRIME Lite is a compact sim racing cockpit

The latest addition to GT Omega’s sim racing cockpit range, the PRIME Lite is a 80x40mm aluminium profile design which is smaller and lighter than the exiting PRIME model.

Among a slew of new product announcements by GT Omega, the sim racing equipment manufacturer has launched the PRIME Lite.

An 80x40mm aluminium profile-using sim racing cockpit, its aim is to take the best features of the existing PRIME, but within a smaller footprint and coming in at a lighter weight.

GT Omega PRIME Lite 2023

Finished in an anodised black colour, it also features quick-release handles for wheel base height and angle adjustment, plus a moveable pedal tray.

Should you own, or decide to purchase at a later date, a dedicated sim racing gear shifter, the Lite also includes a height-adjustable mount out of the box.

GT Omega PRIME Lit cockpit, with optional RS9 racing seat

Further attachments are available, as it’s rather handily compatible with an existing range designed for the original PRIME. These include monitor stands, mounts, keyboard trays and floor mats.

It can be purchased as a bare chassis or bundled with one of the UK-based company’s racing seats, such as the RS6, RS9, XLRS or RS12.

The larger PRIME cockpit (without seat) retails for £619.95 in the UK, whereas the new PRIME Lite offers a significant saving, available for £399.95 (also without seat). The Lite is available to purchase from today, 20th January 2023, for UK and EU residents.

Source: GT Omega

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