The Gen3 Formula E car and current season’s liveries arrive for rFactor 2

Following an esports teaser yesterday, the current specification of Formula E car is now available for the simulation, meaning all three generations can be driven
The Gen3 Formula E car and current season’s liveries arrive for rFactor 2 02

During the reveal of this year’s Formula E: Accelerate competition, it was noted that the Gen3 vehicles would be used, and today, 13th April 2023, you can now purchase it for rFactor 2.

As the official simulator of the electric series since March last year, the new cars arrive with the 2022/23 Season 9 liveries.

Gen3 Formula E car rFactor 2

A radical new design for the championship includes wedge-like proportions and no rear brakes. Power is up to 350kW, compared to 250kW previously. There’s now a twin-motor set-up, which can regenerate up to 600kW of energy. Compared to Gen2, Gen3 cars are 60kgs lighter.

The advanced regeneration system has been modelled into the sim, requiring brake pedal pressure to harvest energy – coasting will not suffice – and a functional on-wheel dashboard that displays authentic data.

Gen3 Formula E rFactor 2

Breaking the recently set precedent for quarterly releases, the car costs €4.99/£4.40/$5.48 and there’s also a 2023 Formula E pack for €25/£22.02/$27.44 which includes the car and six Formula E circuits, including the most recent addition of the London venue. The Monaco E-Prix track, however, is no longer available to purchase.

Studio 397 has explained that this update has arrived earlier than originally expected to line up with some platform enhancements. Of note, Formula E: Accelerate registration is now open, and the first qualifying sessions start on 14th April.

Branding around the Formula E tracks has been updated to match the 2023 season and track limits have been reviewed.

Alongside the new Formula E content, a host of smaller changes have been implemented such as the historic formula cars Brabham BT44, March 761 and McLaren M23 being facelifted by community member Gert-Jan van Osch, photo mode tweaks, battery energy consumption changes and a revision to the AI’s reactions and throttle behaviour.

The full list is on the Studio 397 website.

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