The Crew Motorfest’s first game update refines performance

Thomas Harrison-Lord
While new content and challenges for The Crew Motorfest have been flowing post release, the first bug-fixing patch is now also available.
The Crew Motorfest's first game update refines performance

We were impressed by The Crew Motorfest at launch back in September, and in our experience, found the game to be lacking in major bugs. Our only real gripe was the online servers struggling, at times, to cope with the influx of new players within the initial launch period.

However, we were surprised by a lack of rapid-fire game updates once it was out in the wild. Sure, the two new NissanYear 1‘ DLC cars arrived, and the Summits kept on refreshing, but up until now, there hadn’t been a true ‘patch’.

Now that it’s here the changes are relatively subtle.

In the Car Meet, there’s the Custom Show which highlights themed vehicles modified by the community. Sometimes, user-submitted vehicles would disappear, which is now said to be resolved.

During a free-roam session, something that happened in The Crew 2 also, the notes claim that players will be less likely to ‘disappear’ when part of an online co-op crew. This is particularly prevalent when crew members are on other sides of the earth – let’s hope this is now more stable, as promised.

The Crew Motorfest Car Meet Custom Show

Game crashes are now also said to be less frequent – not something we’ve experienced on PlayStation 5 but did see on PC during our testing, let us know in the comments or on social media if that’s the same for you.

For those playing via the GeForceNow streaming service, the option to change graphics settings is now available too and the frame rate should now be more stable in photo mode.

The full changelog is below for what is touted as a ‘mid-season‘ update and the next cars expected to be added are the Ferrari 308 GTS and Ferrari SF90 Stradale on 8th November 2023.

The Crew Motorfest Ferrari DLC Year 1 Pass
These Ferraris are DLC, arriving in November

The Crew Motorfest October 2023 game update, mis-season, changelog

    [Fixed] Connection issues for player with more than 10 accounts linked to their Ubisoft Connect account.

    Online Play
    [Fixed] Players on Xbox will no longer be prevented from sending game invitations after a Crew Member leaves the session.
    [Fixed] Players will no longer be prevented from re-joining a crew from the inactivity screen.
    [Fixed] Fast Run and Custom Show Tutorial are no longer bound to the same key automatically when in Car Meet.
    [Fixed] Registered Custom Show vehicle will no longer disappear from registered slot after re-launching the game.
    [Changed] Rewind behaviour with Feats.
    [Changed] Reviewed sessioning rules to avoid crew mates disappearing from current free roam session.

    [Fixed] Unresponsive state in specific case when opening Year 1 notification.

    [Fixed] Sharing a livery at the same time you register will no longer cause the livery to not be shared.

    [Fixed] GeForceNow now users will now be able to adjust graphical settings.
    [Fixed] Certain occurrences of Collection Import missing vehicles.
    [Fixed] Crashes when scrapping performance parts in the mailbox.
    [Changed] Updated the autodetect values for minimum and recommended systems.
    [Changed] Reduced the likelihood of video crashes and increased stability.

    [Fixed] Game will no longer crash when changing the dynamic range settings on 4K monitors.

    [Fixed] FPS will no longer drop after taking photo in Photomode.

    [Fixed] Certain occurrences of Collection Import missing vehicles.

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