The Crew 2 officially adds two new rally-based vehicles

The Crew 2 Audi EKS WorldRX
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A couple of days ago we reported about The Crew 2 teasing two new rides for the game and speculated that they were the M-Sport Ford Fiesta WRC and EKS Audi S1 from the WorldRX championship.

Hey, guess what? We were right. Call us Inspector Clouseau. Or Columbo. Or any one of the investigators in a Scandi-drama.

Both cars are in the game right now. Simply boot it on Xbox One, PS4 or PC and head to the Catalog where you can take them for a brief test-drive. Each is based upon a real-life motorsport car, bringing some rally and rallycross feels to the masses through the open-world RPG that is The Crew 2. You’ll find that both the bewinged Ford and Audi are massively quick, but also stable thanks to four-wheel-drive.

In terms of in-game ownership, the Ford costs 328,719 in-game credits and the Audi 409,359. There’s also a ‘Rally Cross Xpert’ pack containing both cars for 627,367 credits, a 15% saving. If you’ve earnt enough already through completing challenges, you can simply buy the cars now.

If not, you can buy CC with real money. The Ford is 46,959 CC, the Audi 58,479 CC and the pack containing both 89,623 CC. Currently, a pack of 100,000 CC costs £7.99/$9.99, while 220,000 CC costs £15.99/$19.99.

In other The Crew 2 news, the current ‘The Hunt’ storyline and therefore Motorpass Season 1 ends 16th March, so we’ll report back when the Season 2 details are revealed. Have you revisited The Crew 2 recently? Let us know on social media if you have!

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