Solo-developed time trial game Eggcelerate! adds snowy new challenges with Winter Eggspansion

Drive in 30 new winter-themed challenges and enjoy online leaderboards in Eggcelerate!’s Winter Eggspansion.
Solo-developed time trial game Eggcelerate! adds snow and new challenges with Winter Eggspansion

Created by Tim Beaudet, aka ‘Tyre Bytes LLC’, Eggcelerate! is a time-trial based driving game where the aim is to not lose the egg placed upon your vehicle’s roof. Released in March 2021 for PC players, there’s now a new Winter Eggspansion.

A ghost car is often used in driving games when in a Time Trial scenario, for example, the extensive use in Gran Turismo 7, and alongside the expansion release, such a feature is now available across all modes within Eggcelerate! This new feature also sits alongside online leaderboards and should add a much more competitive edge.

Then there’s the new Winter downloadable content itself, which includes 30 new winter tracks set around the North Pole, 100 hidden snowmen and snowwomen, fresh obstacles and new winter-themed vehicles such as a snowplough, a sleigh, and an ice cream truck.

The vehicle behaviour across the snow and ice environments also reacts differently to when on the more traditional asphalt levels, with a greater emphasis on drifting.

Eggcelerate Winter Eggspansion

The development of the game was by Beaudet almost single-handedly, with some contributions from a live-stream community and select freelancers. Now the additional levels and leaderboard features will hopefully keep its community engaged.

The Winter Eggspansion is available now via Steam priced at £5.79/$7.99 with 25 per cent off for a limited launch period.

Eggcelerate! Winter Eggspansion changelog and additions

For all players

  • Best-time ghost feature
  • Online leaderboards

Winter Eggspansion contents

  • 30 winter tracks around the North Pole
  • New winter vehicles including Snowploughs, zamboni, sleigh, ice cream truck and more.
  • New Obstacles and Challenges
  • 100 Snowmen and Snowwomen to find and collect
  • New Achievements
  • Jumping over a train with the EGG on top of your car
  • New set of yolks to crack you up!
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