SnowRunner Year 2 ends with Season 8 – Grand Harvest Expansion available now

SnowRunner Year 2 ends with Season 8 - Grand Harvest Expansion available now

The Grand Harvest is upon us, SnowRunners! The Season 8 DLC is also a massive expansion to the title with new content all around.

The eighth and final season of SnowRunner Year 2, bringing with it another huge expansion for the title named the Grand Harvest expansion, is available now as of 13th October 2022.

Within the Grand Harvest Expansion, farming is the latest aspect that’s been included within the terrain simulation platform. Runners will complete farming tasks with new farming vehicles on four new “4km²” maps that are set in the summer over in a new countryside region.

The Step 39331 “Pike”, the Kirovets K700 and the Kirovets K7M are the three new vehicles that are included in the Expansion, and with those, players will look to restore the new areas, farm the fields, fix the equipment and explore the environment filled with many new additional constructs.

SnowRunner fans can get their hands on the new expansion by either having the Year 2 pass ($24.99) or by getting the DLC separately for $11.99. With the expansion, there are also other fixes and updates that have been applied to the title, as well as new content for all players.

Some of the free content included pertains to stickers, hood ornaments, tires and truck add-ons. There will continue to be updates through the end of the year, but this likely ends the new content that’s expected for 2022. No word on a Year 3 at this time.

What do you think about the new content included in SnowRunner? Will you be getting into this take on a farming simulator? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments!

Images thanks to Focus Entertainment

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