SnowRunner Season 6: Haul & Hustle takes truckers to Maine

SnowRunner Season 6: Haul & Hustle takes truckers to Maine

The next season for SnowRunner is scheduled for release on 7th and 8th December. Season 6: Haul & Hustle takes players up to the great state of Maine over in the United States. It’s the second DLC pack for the Year 2 Season pass, coming when it was expected per the roadmap we learned of back in July.

The Maine region will feature two maps, both of which will feature areas of snow and mud. You’ll find landmarks such as a church and a lighthouse while you visit the area. Two new vehicles will also accompany on the trip to the easternmost state in the USA. The Aramastu Forwarder, which is “an agile 8×8 forestry specialist with a built-in crane and log trailer” and the Tayga 6455B, “a strong 6-wheeler with fantastic off-road capabilities” will come included.

With the new DLC, some free amenities are also included for all. The biggest addition will be the cross-play capabilities for players on PC and PlayStation. Xbox players will be added to the fold “soon after” but not at this time. Players will also receive a new Photo Mode to take in-game screenshots with. Both features have been requested heavily and will be surely welcomed.

New add-ons and vehicle cosmetics will also come free for all players. The update lands on 7th December for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC players. PlayStation 4 SnowRunners will get the update the following day, 8th December. We’ll get you the full changelog once it posts next week.

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