September rFactor 2 Roadmap update hints possible new build coming soon

When reading into these monthly reports from the Studio 397 team about their current and future work on rFactor 2, it’s hard not to get too excited sometimes. This month’s Roadmap doesn’t have too much in there, and some of it has already been talked about in previous Roadmaps.

However, seeing that a Release Candidate is coming “very shortly”, that could hint at a new build following right behind. That’s pure speculation right there, and who truly knows besides Studio 397. It could be a very small build, but a build nonetheless.

The upcoming Release Candidate has a bunch of optimization for load times and switch times, which has been a struggle with rFactor 2 forever. UI, graphics and audio enhancements are also present here. If the test is successful among the RC testers, the public should see it in a few weeks. Fingers crossed.

Other than the release candidate, the folks at Studio 397 are working on optimizing rain effects on windscreens. While the visual already exists in some capacity, it is looking to be improved. Physics, graphics, shading and performance are some of the areas that are being watched as the process happens. If they feel it will work and not inhibit gameplay, they said it will look “massively improved over the current solution.”

Tatuus updates that have been teased for months should be coming out soon as well. Those updates included PBR shading and an overall graphics overhaul, among other changes. Other than that they led off with that they were hiring and ended with what’s already been implemented, that’s about it for this Roadmap. Hopefully by the time October ends, we have a new build or more updates in store.

Image thanks to Studio 397

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