Rush Rally 3 comes to Steam on 24th November alongside ‘major update’ for all game versions

Rush Rally 3 comes to Steam on 24th November alongside 'major update'

Rush Rally 3 is coming to Steam next week on 24th November as the title receives a major update alongside for all game versions.

From mobile, to the Nintendo Switch, and soon to be on PC via Steam… Rush Rally 3 is the title accomplishing that feat, and alongside its upcoming Steam release on 24th November, Brownmonster Games also has a “Major Update” coinciding for all platforms of the title.

About a month ago, the developers released news regarding a 4K resolution update to the title. Other added updates and features, including wheel support, HUD enhancements and added detail all around, were discussed following the Steam demo period during the Steam Next Fest.

Of course, there are different needs for different platforms, as the added and tweaked wheel support will be solely for the upcoming Steam release, but there are other updates to consider for the Switch and Mobile versions. If 4K is able to be utilized on your handheld equipment, it can be when the update lands.

Rush Rally 3 will also include cross-platform multiplayer capabilities across all versions of the game when the update lands, which means a mobile player could go head to head with a Steam user or a Nintendo Switch player.

Rush Rally 3 has been around since 2019 and has great reviews on previous releases. The title is available for $4.99 on the App Store or for $14.99 on the Nintendo Switch. It’s unclear what the price point will be when the Steam version releases as the page only says it can be wish listed at this time.

Source: Brownmonster Games

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