rFactor 2 technology “not issued to any game developer” following Rennsport allegations

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Studio 397 and Motorsport Games have issued a formal statement regarding access to its technology, casting doubt over the upcoming simulator game Rennsport’s background.
rFactor 2 technology not issued to any game developer following Rennsport allegations

The strongly worded rebuttal comes days after rFactor 2 forum user haunetal1990 shared what is believed to be lines of code from the Rennsport beta which supposedly matches Studio 397’s simulator. This was then shared by the sim racing news repository RaceSimCentral.

Rennsport, an embryonic driving simulator from start-up Competition Company GmbH announced in 2022, uses Unreal Engine 5 for its graphics in combination with what it describes as a custom physics engine.

The recent allegations cast doubt over the legitimacy of the claims and rFactor 2‘s developer Studio 397 appears to be at the centre of the controversy, today issuing a statement on social media that could pressure Rennsport into clarifying its origins.

rFactor 2, BMW M2 CS, Gateway
BMW M2 Cs within Studio 397’s rFactor 2 driving simulation

Sim racing platform rFactor 2 is over a decade old and was purchased in 2021 by Motorsport Games alongside the Studio 397 team. It continues to develop the platform and is planning to use an evolution of its basis for the upcoming Le Mans Ultimate simulation later this year.

Seemingly in light of the recent Rennsport speculation, Studio 397 is claiming rights for the use of its technology have not been secured by anyone outside of Motorsport Games.

rFactor 2 Studio 397 physics statement
rFactor 2 Studio 397 physics statement

“Motorsport Games has not issued a licence for rFactor 2 technology to any game developer at this time nor are we aware of licences issued by Studio 397, a wholly owned subsidiary of Motorsport Games, prior to our acquisition of the game, development team and attached technology,” begins that statement, shared today, 3rd October 2023.

“Studio 397 is, under the terms of previous agreements, the sole owner of the relevant various technologies for entertainment uses.

“We are aware that prior to our acquisition of Studio 397, the original creator of the underlying software as used in rFactor 1, had licensed that foundational technology to various developers. No element from rFactor 2, be that code or assets, may be used without the express written permission of Studio 397.”

Rennsport summit, ESL esports
Rennsport Summit 1, Munich, 2022

The original 2005 rFactor was developed by Image Space Incorporated (ISI), with its foundational technology (isiMotor2) also used by a business-to-business software platform called rFactor Pro.

rFactor Pro is owned by AB Dynamics and is primarily used to create test beds for car manufacturers – not products for end consumers. Previously, Image Space Incorporated has licenced the isiMotor2 technology for sim racing titles such as Race 07, GT Legends and the first Automobilista.

It then worked on isiMotor2.5 exclusively for rFactor 2, which is now developed by the aforementioned Studio 397 and Motorsport Games.

Krzysztof Szczech, Rennsport's Lead Programmer
Krzysztof Szczech, Rennsport’s Lead Programmer speaking to Traxion.GG earlier this year

“We have here our custom physics engine, and that’s working in parallel with Unreal Engine,” said Krzysztof Szczech, Rennsport’s Lead Programmer to Traxion.GG in June 2023.

“This is a custom tyre model, but it’s based on some existing models described in some very smart physics books.”

This tallies with what Szczech stated during May 2022’s Rennsport Summit 1, describing physics that were unique to the platform.

Traxion.GG has contacted Rennsport for comment but is yet to receive a statement at the time of publication.

Update – 4th October 2023 8.30 am BST

Rennsport has responded to the claims, with the social media statement embedded below and we’ve published a separate article on this topic.

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